3D Dimensional Analysis & Quality Control

When manufacturing organizations integrated coordinate measuring machines within their processes in the 1960’s, their main objective was to inspect manufactured products to ensure that key dimensions were within their specifications. Thirty years later, point-cloud scanning technologies emerged and made it possible to quickly digitize and analyze tooling, prototype pieces, and pilot assemblies to reduce time to market while engineering a new product. Today, as we have successfully integrated dimensional analysis and quality control workflows within a single solution, you can now deploy a common 3D measurement platform for your entire product engineering and manufacturing lifecycle. 



Unify Your 3D Metrology Operations With a Universal Software Platform

Today, manufacturing companies have sophisticated 3D measurement labs with portable and CNC CMMs, laser scanners, laser trackers, and digital gauges, with every brand of hardware using their own software solutions. When relying on multiple software programs, multiple workflows must be mastered, which hinders the performance of 3D measurement teams. Replacing those software with a universal software platform addresses the struggles of measurement teams and significantly increases 3D metrology operational efficiency.

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